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"Is It Worth": Should This Kiwi-Indian Single Mom Return To India?

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A Kiwi-Indian single mother living in Christchurch wants know if it’s worth living in loneliness in New Zealand as a migrant or should she rather return to India. 

The woman, who wished to be anonymous, posted in a Facebook group on February 23, 2024, seeking opinion on her increasing desire to take her four-year-old child back to her parents in India for good.

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“I have been in New Zealand for almost 2 years now. Have a resident visa and a full-time job. But the cost of living and the difficulty in purchasing and owning a home is like a dream now,” she wrote.

“I am getting thoughts of leaving everything and moving back to India and be with my parents forever. We own a beautiful and big home in our village and they are very well settled and I will be working hence not depending on their money but just feel very lonely and my child doesn’t have any friends here. 

“I don’t have any friends or family here so always it’s lonely. So I am just wanting to go to India to be with family and my child would get his grandparents love.”

The poignant query returned several comments from users. Aditya Tomar echoed her sentiments. “India is developing country so there is no benchmark on salary …this is so called developed country and salary rise is very tiny...visited India few months back and felt we are way behind in terms of salary and cost of living...there are very limited career option here,” he wrote. 

Fawaz Ahmed Syed agreed it was indeed a “very difficult situation”. “Many of us experience these feelings, particularly when it comes to loneliness and being with a larger family. Have you considered entering into a relationship or finding a suitable partner? It would benefit you personally and allow you to share financial responsibilities equally.”

Another user, Harpreet Kaur, didn’t have an answer and rather posed the same question. “I am kind of in similar situation. My family is encouraging me to move back. I am struggling to make a decision.”

The single mother who posted the query said it was a difficult decision to make because of “mainly my child’s schooling and education”. 

“We know India has a better curriculum and book knowledge, but they lack in practical education and I am definitely afraid of the beatings or stress my child would suffer which I went through in my schoolings.

“And other opportunities which we get here like various exposure to sports and any other extracurricular activities which we don’t have in India?”

What do you think?

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