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How To Study And Work Full-Time in New Zealand

A research master's programme has the dual benefit of research and work flexibility. (Supplied photo)

If you are looking to study in New Zealand with a focus on research while also having the option to work full-time, a research master's programme might be a good option.

A research master's programme is essentially a master's degree, but different from the more commonly available taught master's programmes in that it offers a chance to delve deep into a topic.

Immigration rules allow students pursuing a research master's course unrestricted work hours, as opposed to the other student visa conditions where students cannot work more than 20 hours a week.



“A research master's provides an opportunity to understand a problem in great detail, explore solutions and even begin to develop and test your solution,” says Hayley Sparks, Academic Director at academyEX, one of New Zealand’s more innovative Private Training Establishments (PTE). 

master's degrees at academyEX allow students to pursue the programme as either research or taught–coursework–master's. The three master's programmes at academyEX consist of full-time study of 180 credits, which can be done in 18 months.

Hayley_Sparks_-_Profile__Dec_2022_Hayley Sparks, Academic Director at academyEX. (Supplied photo)

“Research master's include a project of at least 90 points at Level 9. Taught master's include mainly taught courses, but can include a dissertation or research project of less than 90 points at Level 9,” Hayley says. 

The option of working full-time while pursuing a master's degree sure sounds exciting, but it requires a lot of self-directed independent study, guided and supported by an industry or academic advisor throughout the programme. 

“Students need to strike a healthy work-study balance,” Hayley says.

That said, the benefits of pursuing a research master's extend beyond just being able to work full-time while studying. A research master's degree provides learners with the opportunity to develop advanced research and problem-solving skills. 

Hayley says the successful culmination of the research master's programme offered by academyEX provides learners with a robust framework that could enable them to embark on advanced academic endeavours, such as pursuing a PhD.

Programmes at academyEX 

Master of Technological Futures

The programme is designed to offer individuals from diverse industries and professions the opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies, their impacts, and how to anticipate disruptions and confidently navigate through unprecedented changes. It differs from traditional Master’s degrees as it’s practical, designed in close consultation with industry experts and you have the choice to either complete it with a research or real-world project.

Intakes: July and October 2024

Master of Change and Organisational Resilience

The programme is for emerging leaders or people who want to move into specialist change roles. Whether you see your career in digital transformation, sustainable leadership or something specific to your work, you will take away a toolkit that will help you solve complex challenges and contribute to the leadership and development of resilient organisations.

Intakes: July and October 2024

Master of Contemporary Education

The Master of Contemporary Education is designed to support the professional development of teachers and educators in rapidly changing teaching and learning environments. This solutions-driven qualification directly focuses on adding measurable, beneficial value to you, your school, organisation and your education communities.

Intakes: Programme start dates in 2025 to be announced

Contact academyEX today, for further details: international@academyex.com

Visit: https://academyex.com/

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