Employment New Zealand invites business organisations, unions and community providers to register their interest in the COVID-19 Workers and Workplaces Assistance Fund.

Introducing the COVID-19 Workers and Workplaces Assistance Fund

As part of the Government’s response to COVID-19, $3 million has been allocated through a contestable fund for initiatives that will support workers (including employees and contractors) and workplaces through recovery from the impacts of the pandemic.

The Fund is intended to support new initiatives promoted by business, worker and community organisations to help workers and workplaces access accurate and helpful information, understand options available to them in responding to employment challenges arising from COVID-19, and support them to operate in accordance with employment standards and their good faith obligations.

Priority will be given to proposals that recognise and provide support to Maori and Pasifika workers, businesses and community services, as well as vulnerable groups, such as migrant and youth worker associations.

Who is eligible for the Fund?

Any business service, union or community provider may apply to the fund with an initiative that meets the criteria above to support and assist workers, unions, businesses in their response to the challenges faced with Covid-19.

For full details and to apply: visit COVID-19 Workers and Workplaces Assistance Fund