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Veteran Journalist NVR Swami, Former PTI Africa Correspondent, Dies At 85

Veteran Journalist and Former PTI Africa Correspondent NVR Swami Passes Away at 85 | Supplied

Nyayapati Vira Raghava Swami, a distinguished journalist known for his insightful reporting on African events and his significant contributions to Indian journalism, has passed away at the age of 85. Swami, who gained recognition for his extensive coverage of crucial African events, including Nelson Mandela's release, passed away after a prolonged illness following an accidental fall.

Swami's career spanned over four decades with the Press Trust of India (PTI), during which he made a profound impact on Indian and African journalism. His role as PTI's Africa Correspondent was instrumental in providing Indian readers with a nuanced understanding of African affairs during key historical moments, such as the fight against apartheid and the emergence of new nations.

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Beyond his professional accomplishments, Swami was cherished by colleagues as a mentor and friend, known for his guidance and insights. His passing has elicited an outpouring of tributes from the journalistic community, highlighting his immense contributions and the void left by his absence.

Swami, who relocated to Auckland in 2002, hailed from a family of esteemed journalists with roots in Odisha. His father, N R Swami, was a revered figure among Odisha's journalists, renowned for his fearless reporting.

In November 2023, Swami traveled to Hyderabad with his wife Sumathi for family events and a visit to Odisha. However, an accidental fall resulting in a hip fracture led to his hospitalization in a major corporate hospital on February 8. Despite undergoing surgery and treatment for a lung infection, his health deteriorated, ultimately leading to his passing.

Swami is survived by his wife Sumathi, two sons Vijay and Ravi Nyayapati, a daughter named Kalyani, and six grandchildren. His life and work continue to serve as an inspiration to aspiring journalists, emphasizing the values of dedication, integrity, and the pursuit of truth.

The loss of Nyayapati Vira Raghava Swami is deeply felt within the journalistic community and beyond. His fearless reporting and insightful commentary have left an enduring legacy, a reminder of the profound impact of journalism in shaping our understanding of the world.

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