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Vada Pav Ranks 19th In The World’s Top 50 Best Sandwiches

Vada pav ranks 19th in world’s top 50 best sandwiches

Vada pav, Mumbai's street food darling, has made a splash on the world stage by snagging a spot on Taste Atlas' list of the top 50 best sandwiches. Ranked 19th, this humble yet iconic snack has earned its place among global sandwich royalty.

Just a few days ago, Indian filter coffee had clinched the second spot on TasteAtlas' prestigious 'Top 38 Coffees In The World' list

According to Taste Atlas, the ultimate sandwich royalty includes Vietnam's banh mi, Turkey's tombik doner, Lebanon's shawarma, Mexico's tortas, and the lobster roll from the United States, leading the pack as the five best sandwiches worldwide.

Meanwhile, Germany's Mettbrotchen, Spain's bocadillo de cerdo, Argentina's sanguche de milanesa, and the beef on weck and porchetta sandwiches from the United States round out the list's final five.

The birth of vada pav, a crispy, deep-fried potato ball tucked between two soft pav buns, is attributed to a street vendor named Ashok Vaidya, who operated near Mumbai's Dadar train station in the 1960s and 1970s. His goal was to create a dish that was portable, affordable, and easy to prepare for hungry workers.

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Taste Atlas' ranking has sparked a lively debate online, with food enthusiasts expressing their delight and disbelief. Comments flooded in, with one fan proclaiming, "Vada pav, the best veg sandwich in the world," while another lamented, "Vada pav not in the top 5?! Who made this list?"

Whether you're a die-hard vada pav fan or simply intrigued by this culinary gem, its global recognition is a testament to the power of street food to capture hearts and taste buds worldwide.

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