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Meet Iris: India's First AI Teacher Robot In Kerala

Courtesy: makerlabs_official/Instagram

Kerala's education scene is getting a high-tech upgrade with Iris, an AI teacher robot making waves at KTCT Higher Secondary School. Created by Maker Labs, Iris is all set to redefine the learning landscape with its generative AI capabilities.

image_123650291 (4)                                                                            Courtesy: makerlabs_official/Instagram

With Iris in the classroom, education is taking a futuristic turn. This innovative robot isn't just about pushing boundaries; it's about shattering them. By personalizing the learning experience for each student, Iris is set to revolutionize how educators deliver lessons.

image_123650291 (3)-1                                                                            Courtesy: makerlabs_official/Instagram



The unveiling of Iris at KTCT Higher Secondary School was nothing short of a spectacle, with students and teachers alike excited to welcome this new addition. Dr. K Rajeev, Director of the Space Physics Laboratory (SPL) of VSSC, inaugurated Iris, and it's already become the 'closest pal' of the students.

image_123650291 (2)-2

                                                                            Courtesy: makerlabs_official/Instagram

Iris isn't just a talking head; it can move, interact, and even answer questions. The students are so enamored with Iris that there are zero absentees in its classes. From nursery to Class 12, Iris can teach a wide range of subjects. Currently fluent in English, Hindi, and Malayalam, Iris is set to expand its linguistic repertoire to over 20 languages. 

image_123650291 (5)                                                                            Courtesy: makerlabs_official/Instagram

Not just limited to academics, Iris also has a vigilant eye, blocking inappropriate content like drugs and violence. It's clear that Iris isn't just a teacher; it's a game-changer in education

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