Like every week, we reached out to our readers, seeking their views on this week's topic. Here's what they had to say.

This week's question: When was the last road trip you took?

Sahil Sharma, Mt Roskill

It was just last week that I took a road trip to Manukau Heads with my best buddy. The lighthouse was stunning, and the signal station had a beautiful view and the weather perfect for a road trip. And since I had an excellent company, the trip became much more memorable.

Kanwaljeet Singh, Mt Wellington

It has been almost a year now since I have taken to the roads. Last year September, a few friends and I made an ad hoc trip to Mt Ruapehu. It was just a kick of the moment, a few calls and we all were set to the ice capped mountain. We stopped by small towns near to Mt Taranaki and Taupo for lunch, took turns in driving, and it was one hell of a trip for all of us. Since then, I haven’t met them

Gagandeep Singh, Takanini

We were five friends; we all were working and so that road trip was unforgettable for us. We started at 7 a.m., and by 2 p.m. we were at the ice mountain, we skied there and played with snow. What made the trip special was not the places we went, but the fun that we had.

Deep Balbehra, Mt Eden

It was earlier this year; we went to the tip of North Island. It was a long weekend, so we stayed at a local motel and camped nearby. We enjoyed the most at the sand mountain, a few kilometres from Cape Reinga. We borrowed surfboards and skated from the top of the dune to bottom. I was the best thing I have done in New Zealand so far.

Rajbir Bhatia, Mt Eden

We went to ice mountain (Mt Ruapehu) last summer and landed on the black rocky mountain as if it was a coal mine. We left the place shortly after, drove across small towns and forest around. There was one forest which is said to be haunted. I don’t know whether that was just a hoax or not but we didn’t experience anything adverse, and we loved the forest.

Himadhar Nani, Manurewa

I took a road trip alone from Hamilton to Wellington almost two years ago. It was the new years eve, and I didn’t have much work. I stayed there for two days and then hitchhiked to Taupo with some German and French travellers. I camped at a free camping zone with them, played games and took the 20 km Mt Tongariro crossing—surrounded by Volcanic mountains—the next day. I can write a book on the trip that lasted for ten days on the roads.