A temple which has 108 steps leading to a hot spring be­low for Hindu devotees in Waiqele, Labasa, was opened on Sunday by prominent Labasa businessman Daya Singh.

The Shiri Mahadeo Shiuwala Mandir steps are used for devotees to chant to Lord Shiva while making their way down to the hot springs which are believed to have mana.

Each step was donated by mem­bers of the temple.

“The members of the temple who are devotees of Lord Shiva, the god we worship chanted his holy re­cital while walking on the steps,” mandir secretary Kamal Dutt said.

“It is one of the most popular Hindu mantras and the most im­portant mantra in Shaivism. This mantra is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

“There are 108 steps from the tem­ple to the hot spring and every dev­otee must recite the Shiva prayers.

“I grew up seeing how devoted our elders were during praying and fasting, even to the extent where all female devotees would sleep and pray at the temple for one or two weeks in search of peace and guidance.”

He said devotees prayed at the temple, and then make their way up to the hot spring to pray.

He said Hindus from here and overseas would visit the hot spring every year and offer their prayers.