Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for September 28 to October 4


All obstacles that you have been facing on your way to success will now be removed. You will not lack the courage and enthusiasm required to perform your tasks. Hard work done by you will deliver amplified results. Your performance and abilities will be noticed and your seniors will give you ample credit for your good work. If you are thinking about laying the cornerstone of any new work, then it will prove profitable. There can be change in place for you due to a transfer at the workplace which will be positive for career growth. This is a favourable time for those looking to move abroad. This is a good time to invest in real estate. You could face some unpleasant moments in your married life. Relationship with father may go sour and his health may need attention. Those looking for childbirth will find good support from the current planetary position. On the health front, if any issue has been bothering you then you can expect some relief. Guard against skin-related ailments.

Tip of the week: Be enthusiastic

Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday


You will receive sudden opportunities and see positive changes in people around you. There are strong possibilities of you receiving a promotion or salary hike. Your confidence will be high and you are likely to make some bold decisions. Relationship with seniors at the workplace is likely to improve and your reputation will grow. If you are looking for a job, then this is the right time to do so. Do not procrastinate. In business, you will be able to take the right decisions which will contribute to growth. Monetary amount stuck up in the past will now be recovered which will improve your cash flow. Any ongoing issue with your father will be resolved. However, your father's health must be taken care of, else it may degrade. If you get lazy, you will end up wasting your efforts. You need to be careful with your speech. Do not utter words that might hurt the sentiments of others. Do not make promises that you cannot keep. You are likely to find the right treatment for ongoing health issues.

Tip of the week: Do not procrastinate

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


All the delay in accomplishing tasks will now be removed and you will start reaping the fruits of your hard work. Your financial condition will improve. Foreign connections will prove fruitful and fetch you benefits. Success in legal matters is likely. At times, you may feel uneasy. Avoid taking important decisions, especially those related to your career. If inevitable, seek advice from your seniors and mentor. You are likely to receive monetary gains in the form of inheritance or sudden gains from investments made in the past. However, relations with siblings may worsen due to issues relating to inheritance. There are indications of child birth for those planning to expand their family. Children will perform well in studies and if they are grown-ups then their career will see positive direction. Health will remain fine as you will be able to recover quickly from any illness that you may have been facing.

Tip of the week: Avoid taking important decisions

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


You should avoid procrastinating during this period. You will be able to make some crucial decisions related to your business and profession. Finishing your pending tasks will be easy for you. You will do well in your field of work if it is related to a foreign land. If you are unemployed, then there is a strong chance that you will be able to crack an exam and land a job for yourself. If in business, try not to go overboard with your debts and keep a check on people who work for you. You can spend money for the decoration or renovation of your house. Your kith and kin will support you in all your endeavours. The health of your children should be taken care of. You are advised to stay away from controversial matters, otherwise you may get entangled in conflicts. Spend your money wisely. There can be additional expenditure on health-related matters. Reckless driving might put you at risk and thus, you are advised to avoid it by all means.

Tip of the week: Stay away from controversies

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


You will be able to discover the right path, which will eventually lead you to success. The planetary position is conducive for you and will help you to achieve your goals if you give your best and remain goal-oriented. Push your limits further if you wish to achieve your goals. Switching your job or making a major change related to your profession seems to be on the cards. You could start afresh and make new plans, and shortly you will be able to find ways to improve your financial condition drastically. However, do not make any investment without considering all the possible angles of the situation, otherwise, you may have to suffer from losses. Your lost love may walk back into your life. Ongoing marital issues are likely to be resolved. If you are looking for a spouse then your efforts will bear fruit. You might put a strain on your physical and mental well-being. Prioritize your health and maintain a fine balance between your personal and professional life.

Tip of the week: Keep an eye on your goals

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


There will be a sudden opportunity coming your way and you could find new ways of making money. There is a possibility of getting a loan to expand your work which will lead to positive results in future. There will be an increase in cash flow and, most importantly, you will be able to save money now. This is a favourable phase for teachers, freelance workers, investment bankers and people in government job. This is an auspicious week for those who were not able to pursue their education earlier. You will receive another chance to fulfil your dreams of getting the kind of education that you want. You may get entwined in conflicts at your workplace. Stay away from any discussion that may involve you in internal politics. Your parents will be the pillars of your strength and will support you by all means. Unmarried people need to be patient in finding a spouse. Ongoing marriage plans may get delayed. On the health front, your stomach looks vulnerable.

Tip of the week: Upgrade your skills

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


This week will serve as a gateway to your success. You will be pleasantly surprised to find an impending project falling in your lap. There will be an improvement in work conditions and issues from the past will start getting resolved. If you are expecting a posting abroad then keep your eyes and ears open because an opportunity is likely to come your way shortly. Making prudent investments is a good idea, but avoid any risky venture. Your relationship with your mother will improve. Short journeys are on the cards for you. Avoid boasting about your abilities and achievements. You will be able to spend a comfortable time with your spouse and the relationship will improve significantly. However, avoid being an egoist, else it may have a negative impact on your personal and professional relationships. Your relationship with your mother will get better and her health will improve. Your siblings may receive opportunities that will help them move abroad.

Tip of the week: Avoid boasting about yourself

Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday


You will feel energetic and will be able to complete your work on time. As a result, your performance at the workplace will improve. You will come across multiple opportunities to expand your business. Your financial status will be good and your income will be strong enough to cater to your needs. A chance to go abroad may materialise which will prove beneficial. However, extravagance can lead to financial problems. If you are into stock trading or any kind of speculation then you should think and plan before making any decision on investments. Any ongoing conflict with your mother will be resolved. A friend's help will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you and will help you overcome obstacles. The current planetary position will bring relief to ongoing marital issues and you will be able to go well along with your spouse. If there is any health issue concerning your spouse then it will fade away gradually. Your stomach and digestive system may remain affected.

Tip of the week: Do not be extravagant

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


You are likely to see some remarkable changes in your life. If you want to move ahead with the idea of starting something new, you should prepare yourself for the same. Having faced a tough time in the past, you are now likely to become a better and wiser person. If you are salaried or working in the service sector then you will experience better growth and money flow. There are strong chances of promotion or salary hike and your efforts from the past will start to yield results. The possibility of a transfer is likely. Business will now start to see greater momentum which will translate into better sales. Your father's support and your mother's blessings will help you sail through difficulties. Unmarried people can look forward to settling down soon. Those married are likely to plan a family extension. Any difficulties facing your father will get resolved. Any ongoing health issue will find a cure. However, avoid smoking else it may impact your health.

Tip of the week: Look to start something new

Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday


Your reasoning and analytical skills will improve, which will help you make better decisions. It is a good time to reflect and take a relook at your desired life goals. You may feel restless at times. However, you will get the required strength and motivation to tackle your problems and emerge victorious. If you aspire to travel abroad, then a chance to do so awaits you. You will be able to buy a new house due to improved financial conditions. You are likely to receive financial support from your father. Marriage is on the cards for single people. If you are already married then you can expect some comforting time with your spouse and you could go on a short vacation. Your siblings will now be able to move in the right direction and efforts made by them will lead to progress in their careers. You are likely to develop an interest in pursuing physical fitness activities. You are advised to be cautious while driving.

Tip of the week: Reconsider your lifegoals

Lucky days: Thursday, Friday


Your workload and stress are likely to shoot up this week. However, with your hard work and determination, you will be able to cope up with any adverse situations. If you are unemployed, then there is a strong possibility of grabbing a new job. If in business, you may take a loan for procurement of raw material or expansion. Those involved in politics, law or sports are likely to witness a positive phase in their careers. You may feel some near and dear ones drifting away from you. At the same time, some people will get close to your heart. Misunderstandings might create a rift between you and your spouse. You may spend on decorating and increasing the aesthetic appeal of your house. You may buy a new house or vehicle as well. Invest your money only after weighing the pros and cons. Seek expert advice, if necessary. You are likely to recover from any ongoing illness. However, take care of your eyes and throat.

Tip of the week: Avoid misunderstandings

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


You are advised to remain energetic as hard work will fetch you good results. Ample opportunities will knock on your door and you can choose whatever fits the bill. If you are looking to go abroad then this is a favourable time to plan your moves. If you are into business then you can expect a profitable period. You will garner name and fame in society. Your married life will be good as you get along well with your spouse. Those who are single and are looking for a soulmate can expect positive results. The support and blessings of your parents will help you in the long run. Your father is likely to make an important decision and there is an indication that he may plan to retire. You are likely to gain through inheritance. Avoid speculation as it may not turn out to be profitable. You will be in good shape as far as your health is concerned, barring infections relating to legs and chest.

Tip of the week: Choose wisely

Lucky days: Thursday, Friday