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Safety Review After Fatal Northland Crash Involving Young Driver

Brooklyn Horan. Photo: Bruce Jenkins Photography

Junior racers, some as young as 12, can acquire junior MotorSport licenses despite not being old enough to drive on public roads. However, MotorSport New Zealand emphasizes the existence of "heightened requirements" and restrictions for these young competitors before they can hit the track, Stuff has reported.

Tragically, the recent Arcadia Road Rallysprint in Paparoa resulted in the deaths of Tyson Jemmett, 35, and Brooklyn Horan, 15, who was driving the vehicle at the time of the crash.

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News portal Stuff reported that MotorSport New Zealand acknowledges a significant number of drivers under 16 participating in various racing disciplines. To obtain a junior competition license, they must undergo the standard exam process along with a fitness or medical evaluation. Furthermore, depending on the race type, additional criteria such as a certain level of experience must be met.

The Arcadia Road Rallysprint was a ClubSport event, an entry-level competition. Junior competitors in ClubSport events face restrictions, including being limited to five specific types of vehicles.

MotorSport NZ pledges a comprehensive investigation into the Arcadia Road Rallysprint incident, including a thorough review of events leading up to and following the crash, as well as an assessment of existing procedures and regulations.

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