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Watch: Moment Tesla escapes collapsing scaffolding in Auckland

A Tesla car was badly damaged in the accident. (Supplied photo)

Dramatic dashcam footage has emerged of motorists swerving in the nick of time as a roadside scaffolding six metres high collapses in Auckland.  

A Tesla rider took the brunt of the accident as the structure grazed the vehicle seconds before it could get out of harm’s way.    

The accident at Peach Parade in Remuera on January 24 was captured by a dashcam camera on the vehicle that escaped the ordeal by just inches.  

The driver of that car later said the scaffolding was left swaying in the air dangerously after the collapse. No one was hurt but the Tesla windscreen was shattered and bonnet smashed.      

“I was pretty lucky that all the cars that were coming the other way had all just passed me,” the driver is reported to have told eyewitnesses.

A WorkSafe inspector arrived to take stock of the accident some time later, but it wasn’t immediately clear how the scaffolding came off. 

“It’s lucky there wasn’t anyone on [the scaffolding] at the time and that no pedestrians or drivers were seriously injured,” area manager Danielle Henry said in a statement.


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