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Watch: Ram Raid at Rotorua Liquor Store

Otonga Rd Bottle-O store, owned by a young couple, was ram-raided in the early hours of February 7 by four thieves in Rotorua, New Zealand. CCTV footage shows the thieves documenting the ram raid on their mobile phone as they took bottles of alcohol and packs of cigarettes before leaving the spot.

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Awakened from their slumber early yesterday by an alarm, the couple hurried to their business upon learning of a ram raid in progress. Reviewing security footage from their home, they saw four to five masked individuals backing a vehicle into their storefront, shattering the entrance and window.

Within minutes, the thieves transferred their loot to another vehicle parked nearby before fleeing the scene, leaving the ramming vehicle behind.

Having acquired the business in December 2022, the couple endured a harrowing initiation with a knife-wielding incident and an earlier attempted ram raid.

Despite installing protective bollards after the initial attempt, restrictions on their placement allowed the thieves to exploit a gap, angling their vehicle to breach the storefront.

Police confirmed the use of a stolen vehicle in the ram raid, disclosing ongoing investigations into the incident.

The proprietors of a Rotorua liquor establishment advocate for a stricter stance against ram raiders.



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