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Royal Life Saving Queensland: Gold Coast Drowning 'Unusual'

Gurjinder (L) and Dharmvir Singh drowned in a Gold Coast hotel pool on Easter weekend. Photo: Supplied

The Easter weekend took a devastating turn when a heroic rescue attempt led to the tragic drowning of two men at a Gold Coast pool. Dharmvir Singh, 38, and his father Gurjinder Singh, 65, jumped into the pool to save a two-year-old girl, but sadly, they succumbed to the deep end's challenges and couldn't be revived.

Paul Barry, the executive director of the Royal Life Saving Society Queensland (RLSSQ), described the incident as "extremely tragic" and "unusual." He highlighted a "heightened risk" of drowning over Easter and emphasized the need for caution, especially around water, ABC news reported.

According to Barry, incidents like these, where two individuals drown simultaneously, are uncommon. He stressed the importance of assessing one's swimming ability before instinctively jumping into water to save a loved one.

In Queensland, about 13 percent of drownings in 2023 occurred in swimming pools, according to RLSSQ's annual report. Despite efforts to improve pool safety, incidents like this serve as a stark reminder of the dangers associated with water, especially for those with limited swimming skills.

Superintendent Peter Miles of the Gold Coast police noted that neither Dharmvir nor Gurjinder Singh could swim. The coroner's report will investigate whether panic and adrenaline played a role in their tragic deaths.

Sarah Hunstead, founding director of CPR Kids, stressed the importance of remaining calm and safe when attempting a rescue. She emphasized the need for CPR training and highlighted that the fundamentals remain the same for all age groups.

As investigations continue into this heartbreaking incident, the community mourns the loss of these brave individuals and reflects on the importance of water safety education and preparedness.

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