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Robbers with axe loot Greenlane liquor store

In the Greenlane suburb of central Auckland, a team member at a liquor store fell victim to an axe attack as culprits pillaged cigarettes and cash. Leaving behind a phone and weapon, the assailants were swiftly apprehended by the police.

Armed with weapons, the two men entered Super Liquor on Great South Rd. The store staff member, subjected to assault, managed to escape without serious injuries. The culprits fled in a stolen vehicle, but were promptly located by law enforcement.

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Ongoing investigations are in progress.

According to a staff member's account to New Zealand Herald, two men arrived in a car attempting to rob the store and make off with cigarettes and cash. "[Another staff member] was seated behind the counter, and they vaulted over, assaulting him. Fortunately, he managed to retreat to the back of the store. He was fortunate to escape further harm," stated the staff member.

Detailing the attack, he mentioned that the assailants wielded an axe, causing a scratch on the victim's hand, which, fortunately, did not require stitches. Additionally, the victim suffered pain in his back due to the assault. The offenders inflicted damage to the cigarette cabinet and the cash register, absconding with approximately $200 to $300 in cash.

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