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Rachin Ravindra, Premila Morar billed as next big power couple

Rising Black Cap star Rachin Ravindra and his partner Premila Morar are making waves as New Zealand’s next big celebrity pair. Just last week, the New Zealand Herald described them as “a power couple on the rise in sport and fashion”. While Ravindra has carved a niche for himself on New Zealand’s cricketing scene with power-packed performances in the ODI World Cup in 2023, and more recently with his maiden double century in just his fourth test match this month, Premila Morar’s creations have graced the pages of Vogue India. Together, they form an unstoppable duo, proving themselves to be not only a winning match but also a rising power couple on the global stage.

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With their combined talent and dedication, they're swiftly rising to the top, captivating audiences with their remarkable achievements and distinctive style.

Two years ago, Premila Morar established herself as a formidable force in the world of fashion. She showcased her design prowess with an oversized yellow jacket featured on the digital cover of Vogue India, worn by the stylish Anita Chhiba. This groundbreaking moment not only highlighted Morar's exceptional talent but also shed light on the innovation and creativity emerging from South Asian designers.

image_123650291 (2)

                                             Premila Morar's creation for Vogue India, worn by the stylish Anita Chhiba

A graduate of Massey University with a Bachelor of Design, Morar earned first-class honors in Fashion Design, solidifying her expertise in the field. Her journey has taken her from New Zealand to Australia, where she honed her skills in product development at the Cotton On Group in Melbourne. Through her Instagram page, @morarfashions, Morar shares her unique designs, captivating her audience with her bold and visionary creations.

But Morar's story is not just about her individual success; it's intertwined with Ravindra's journey as well.

image_123650291 (3)

                                                    Rachin Ravindra and his partner Premila Morar

The couple's relationship began three and a half years ago, and since then, they've been each other's biggest supporters and cheerleaders. Morar's Instagram offers glimpses into their shared moments, from blissful holidays on the Gold Coast to thrilling adventures at Dreamworld. In many photographs shared on her Instagram, Premila has shared photos with Ravindra that go way back to the year 2021. 

Their travels have taken them to scenic destinations like Lake Taupō, Queenstown, and Wānaka, where they've cherished moments of relaxation and exploration together. As Ravindra shines in the world of sports, Morar stands by his side, celebrating his victories and milestones. Likewise, Ravindra takes pride in Morar's accomplishments, such as when she got capped last April in Wellington.  

Ravindra and Morar are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, leaving an indelible mark on both sport and fashion alike.

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