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Punjabi powerhouse sets Guinness record for fingertip push-ups

Kuwar Amritbir Singh has broken several fitness records following his own unconventional methods of training despite never going to a gym or taking protein supplements.

Hailing from the Gurdaspur district, Singh has recently set another Guinness World Record for the most push-ups on fingertips while bearing a 20 lb pack on his back in one minute.

The Guinness World Records website states Kuwar is the first person to achieve this record.

Kuwar told The Indian Express he attempted the record on March 7, 2023, and on July 25 he received an email stating Guinness World Records accepted it.

Kuwar managed to do 86 push-ups and posted a video of the record attempt on Instagram.

Kuwar said he felt proud of being the first person to set this record and on August 17 he received the official certificate from Guinness.

What makes Singh stand out from other fitness-conscious youngsters is that he doesn't go to a gym, and has made a makeshift gym at a cattle shelter at his home in Umarwala village. 

Using bricks, sand-filled gunny bags and cemented plastic cans for building strength, he just follows a natural diet at home and doesn’t take supplements.

He came up with the idea of the record after many people asked him which record he would attempt next after his previous Guinness World Record, which was for the most push-ups with claps (fingertips) in one minute.


"After my previous record which I attempted in February last year, I took it easy for a few months. Then I trained hard for 24-25 days to practice for this record and managed to achieve this," said Singh.

He is no stranger to breaking records in fitness. At 17, he did 118 knuckle push-ups in one minute, a feat recognised by an India-based organisation. In 2020, he set the record for the most number of Superman push-ups in 30 seconds.

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