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6 arrested as police swoop in on Killer Beez gang in Auckland

Police have arrested six people and issued more than 70 fines at a gang event over the weekend.

In a statement, Counties Manukau South area commander Inspector Joe Hunter said more than 117 vehicles were stopped in the Ramarama area as part of the response to the Killer Beez gathering on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

He said they arrested six people, issued 71 infringement notices, impounded five vehicles and suspended six drivers' licences.

"Three of those five impounded vehicles had previously failed to stop for police," he said.

"Those arrested and summonsed are facing a range of charges, including unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, breach of bail, possession of methamphetamine and failing to give details.

"Notably, one of the members attending was arrested for the same bail breach offence on Saturday and then again on Sunday."

The fines related to offences including driving without an appropriate driver's licence, riding a motorcycle without a helmet and failing to stop.

Hunter said they would be reviewing information and evidence gathered during the weekend, which could lead to further arrests.

He said police had clear expectations about behaviour around the event, and made it clear to gang members they would respond to any issues that arose.

"Our staff work hard to ensure our communities are kept safe and in general, we were pleased with how this week's event went ... however, the number of arrests and infringements reiterates police's concerns with these types of events."

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