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Onehunga School Student Flees Knife-Wielding Attacker

An alarming incident unfolded near Onehunga High School in Auckland yesterday, where a student was forced to flee from an assailant wielding a large knife. The event, which occurred at the end of the school day on Pleasant St, sent scores of other students running for safety as a group lay in wait outside the college.

Videos capturing the incident show a person brandishing a machete as students scatter, bringing traffic to a standstill as parents picking up their children witness the chaos. Police were alerted to the situation following reports of a fight on the street around 3.20 pm. George Woodward, chairman of Onehunga High School's board of trustees, informed parents through a public Facebook post that police had been called and were conducting an investigation.

The confrontation unfolded at the corner of Pleasant and Jackson Sts, as seen in social media videos. Initially, the two groups exchanged insults, with one student urging restraint by saying, “It’s not worth it.” However, tensions escalated when a member of the group kicked a student, leading to a physical altercation.

Despite the students appearing to outnumber and overpower the group, a hooded individual from the group retrieved a machete from a parked silver hatchback and reentered the fray, swinging the weapon at a student who was forced to flee. It remains unclear if the student sustained injuries, but Onehunga High School assured that all its students were safe.

Subsequent videos show the individual threatening other students with the machete as they flee in fear. Some female students can be seen attempting to intervene and stop the attack.

Police arrived to find the group dispersed, and inquiries are ongoing to determine the circumstances of the incident and those involved. Onehunga High School has requested increased police presence in the community as a precaution.

Principal Shameen Hayat assured parents of the school's commitment to safety and stated that the situation was being handled in collaboration with the police and Ministry of Education. She emphasized the importance of a safe and orderly environment for students.

One concerned parent emphasized the need for schools to provide a secure learning environment, free from the threat of violence. He expressed dismay over the incident, highlighting the community's desire for their children's safety to be a top priority.


Machete incident in South Auckland

                                                                   Photo: Supplied / Regz Tupe


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