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NZ TDP Hosts Blood Donation Drive To Honour N.T. Ramarao

One of the most significant aspects of the celebration was the blood donation camp organised in honour of NTR. Photo: Supplied

Auckland witnessed a momentous occasion as the New Zealand Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Committee members came together to celebrate the 101st birthday of the legendary Dr. Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, popularly known as NTR on 1 June, 2024. The event, held with great fervour and enthusiasm, honoured the multifaceted legacy of NTR, who was not only the founder of the Telugu Desam Party but also an acclaimed actor, producer, director, screenplay writer, philanthropist, and former Chief Minister of the combined state of Andhra Pradesh.


NZ TDP also celebrated the unprecedented victory of the Telugu Desam Party in the recent Andhra Pradesh assembly elections, which saw the party returning to power. This dual celebration brought a sense of pride and jubilation among the TDP supporters and members.

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The event commenced with a series of speeches by prominent TDP leaders and committee members, who paid tribute to NTR's monumental contributions to Indian cinema and politics. They highlighted his visionary leadership, philanthropic efforts, and the indelible mark he left on the hearts of millions. His dedication to the welfare of the Telugu people and his transformative policies as the Chief Minister were fondly remembered.

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One of the most significant aspects of the celebration was the blood donation camp organised in honour of NTR on 1 June, 2024. The camp saw the participation of 22 dedicated individuals who donated blood as a mark of respect and to remember the late leader. This act of kindness and community service was in line with NTR's philanthropic ideals, reflecting his commitment to social welfare and public service.

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The organisers expressed their gratitude to the volunteers and donors. 

The New Zealand TDP Committee's celebration of NTR's 101st birthday was a grand success, bringing together the Telugu community in Auckland to honour a legendary figure whose contributions continue to inspire generations.


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