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NZ Hindu Community Celebrates Shri Hanuman Youth Centre Opening

Arati performed by Hindu community leaders and dedicated volunteers. | Photo: Supplied

The Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations (HOTA) Forum NZ celebrated a significant milestone with the inauguration of the "Shri Hanuman Youth Centre" at the Bharatiya Mandir in Auckland. This initiative represents a step forward in integrating cultural heritage with community empowerment.

The inauguration ceremony received overwhelming support from the New Zealand Hindu community, with over 100 dedicated volunteers and community leaders in attendance. The event commenced with a reverent pooja ceremony conducted by temple priests Acharya Shree Upendra Joshi and Acharya Jai Narain Shastri, alongside Anil Sharma, invoking divine blessings for the endeavour. The atmosphere was charged with spiritual fervour as the Bhajan Satsang Prayer Group Trust Auckland melodiously recited the Hanuman Chalisa, followed by devotional songs. Participants were also offered Prasad from the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Prof Guna Magesan, President of Hindu Council of New Zealand, facilitated the arrangement of the Prasad from Ram Mandir.



Vinod Kumar, the National Coordinator of HOTA Forum NZ, extended a warm welcome to attendees and provided an insightful overview of the project's objectives. He introduced two budding architects, Vansh Patel and Devarsh Patel, who conceptualised the design for the Shri Hanuman Youth Centre. This establishment will feature a striking 40ft statue of lord Hanuman, serving as a beacon of inspiration, alongside a dynamic Youth Centre situated on the outskirts of Auckland.

                     Volunteers during PPT presentation and discussion on the project. Photo: Supplied

Dr Vinay Karanam, the Regional Coordinator (Hamilton) of HOTA Forum NZ, delivered a comprehensive presentation elucidating the project's scope and significance. The Shri Hanuman Youth Centre aims to emerge as a vibrant hub catering to the educational, recreational, and social needs of young individuals aged 18-35. With a focus on personal development, leadership cultivation, and community cohesion, the Centre embodies a transformative space for holistic growth.

             Bhajan Satsang group and volunteers reciting Hanuman Chalisa. Photo: Supplied

The project roadmap delineates the formation of specialised teams encompassing Project Management, Real Estate, Town Planning, Architecture, Marketing, Fundraising, PR, IT & Digital Management, Accounting, lord Hanuman Statue, and Government Liaisons. Priority tasks include acquiring suitable land and securing funding through strategic partnerships with governmental bodies, private donors, and local stakeholders.

The Youth Community Centre aims to contribute to the social fabric of the Hindu community, creating responsible and empowered citizens. This project invites individuals with expertise in various listed disciplines to form a diverse team dedicated to the success of this 4 to 5-year initiative with an estimated budget of about 8-10 million NZD. Interested individuals can express their interest in joining the volunteering team at hotaforumnz.org/shri-hanuman-ayenge.

                   Hindu community leaders and volunteers during the inauguration. Photo: Supplied

Envisioned as a multifaceted edifice, the Shri Hanuman Youth Centre will feature a multistorey structure housing diverse amenities. The ground floor will accommodate seminar rooms, meeting spaces, and a multipurpose hall, fostering collaboration and synergy among youth organizations. The first level will showcase the rich tapestry of Indian heritage, while the second level will boast a vegetarian restaurant/café, a literature-rich bookshop, a comprehensive library, and a spacious function hall for cultural events.

Moreover, the Centre will offer outdoor recreational facilities, including a dormitory for 80 youths, sports arenas for traditional games, nature trails, camping areas, and community gardens, fostering holistic well-being and environmental stewardship.

Prof Guna Magesan, President HCNZ and International Coordinator HOTA Forum, only invited
representative from NZ for Shri Ram Lalla Prana Pratishtha event, with prasad from Ayodhya.

In essence, the "Shri Hanuman Youth Centre" embodies a collective endeavour to empower youth while enriching the cultural fabric of the community. As an initiative of the HOTA Forum NZ, this project stands as a testament to the unity and dynamism of the Hindu community in New Zealand.

    Presentation by Dr Vinay Karanam, Regional Coordinator (Hamilton) for HOTA Forum NZ. Photo: Supplied

About Hindu Organisations, Temples and Associations (HOTA) Forum NZ:
The Hindu Organisations, Temples, and Associations (HOTA) Forum NZ is a unified platform, established in 2010 during the third NZ National Hindu Conference organised by the Hindu Council of New Zealand (HCNZ), the oldest Hindu organisation in the country, the HOTA Forum endeavours to cultivate harmony and collaboration among Hindu organisations, temples, and associations, with a shared goal of enhancing community welfare.

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