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National, ACT, NZ First meeting 'very possible' today - Seymour

ACT leader David Seymour says it's "very possible" the leaders of the three parties looking to form a government will meet today.

Arriving in Wellington on Tuesday, Seymour told waiting reporters each party has issues the others do no like very much, and each knows they will have to come to a compromise.

"Our hope is that happens as rapidly as possible," he said.

"Everyone says they want it to go faster - I certainly do, I think a lot of people watching and listening would love to see this be got on with - but equally no one person can decide how a negotiation between three ends, or when it ends ... ultimately, three have to agree."

He was asked if they would all be meeting together today.

"I think that's very possible, we're certainly very happy to meet anyone, anytime, and we're all in Wellington now so that's got to make it easier.

"I think there may well be a meeting of three, yes."

He also alluded to discussions about the state of the economy, pointing to expectations the Emissions Trading Scheme auction of units next month could mean government revenue falls about $1 billion short.

"That creates another hurdle I guess," he said. "I think what's critical is the budget has to balance, we can't keep borrowing and spending - that drives inflation, it drives mortgage rates, it makes people's lives much harder as a result.

"But nevertheless the numbers have to stack up. ACT has always said that if you're prepared to spend less, you can balance a budget and tax less without adding new taxes. That's the kind of question that I guess we've got to work through this week."

'Lots to do this week' - Luxon

National leader Christopher Luxon, also arriving at the airport on Tuesday morning, had little to say about the negotiations.

"We've got a great week ahead of us, we're going to make some progress," he said.

"We're making great progress, we've got lots to do this week and we're going to make sure we get a strong, stable government for New Zealand.

"We're making great progress."

Collage of Winston Peters, Christopher Luxon and David Seymour in front of Parliament floor

Photo: RNZ

NZ First MP Mark Patterson was the first to appear at the party's temporary offices across from Parliament, and told reporters "things have ground to a little bit of a halt in terms of our visibility here".

"So we're looking forward to seeing how they've progressed."

He would not comment on the party's position on National's foreign buyers tax, but said "I look forward to a briefing today".

ACT deputy leader Brooke van Velden, also landing in the capital, said she was looking forward to meetings lined up for today.

"Negotiations are negotiations and I look forward to the meetings that we've got today," she said.

"I think it's possible that there could be a deal by the end of the week, or even next week, but that's what the ongoing talks are about ... every day is a new day."


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