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Mom Billed $200 By Police After Car Stolen With Baby Inside

Image courtesy: NZ Herald

A young mother whose car was stolen with her baby inside was further shocked when she received a $200 bill from the police to retrieve her vehicle, The New Zealand Herald reported.

The incident occurred last Friday when the woman parked her car at a dairy on the corner of Queen and Cameron streets in Waitara, Taranaki. While she was inside the store, her car was stolen, with her 5-month-old baby still inside.

The mother chased after the thief in another vehicle, attempting to block their escape. The thief drove onto the footpath as they fled and eventually abandoned the baby on the roadside nearby.

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Upon finding her baby unharmed, the mother was so overwhelmed by the situation that she fainted, according to her father, Shane Young.

Young expressed frustration with the police response, stating that he believed they had not adequately supported his daughter. He also mentioned that the police had billed her $200 to retrieve her damaged car.

“How do you think she’s feeling after this? She’s got no car, she only just got her phone back this morning. Her car’s been absolutely trashed ...” Young said.

The police defended the fee, stating that it is required when a vehicle has been forensically towed. In this case, the vehicle was towed and stored for forensic examination, which is standard procedure in such situations. The police paid for the initial towing and examination, but any additional costs, including towing and repairs, are the owner's responsibility.

While insurance typically covers these fees, the woman in this case does not have insurance.

A 27-year-old woman from New Plymouth appeared in court today on a charge of unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle. She did not enter a plea and was remanded on bail until her next appearance. Another offender involved in the incident has yet to be apprehended.

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