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Janak Patel Murder: Third Accused Admits To Guilt

Janak Patel. Image: Supplied

In a significant development linked to the death of dairy worker Janak Patel, one of the men charged in the case has pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery, Stuff reported. Shane Tane's admission of guilt was accepted by Auckland's Crown Solicitor, Alysha McClintock, following discussions with Patel's family, the police, and the Solicitor General. Consequently, the murder charge against Tane will not be pursued.

During the court hearing, family members of the deceased were visibly emotional, with some seen wiping away tears. Tane, who has been remanded in custody, is scheduled for sentencing in June. His legal representative, Ian Tucker, informed the court that Tane had written a letter of apology to Patel's family.



The incident unfolded on the evening of November 23, 2022, at the Rose Cottage Superette in Sandringham, central Auckland, where Patel and his wife were working. Court documents revealed a planned robbery, with Frederick Hobson entering the shop armed with a knife, while Tane served as the lookout.

Hobson, who pleaded guilty to Patel's murder in March, confronted Patel with a knife after the latter tried to intervene. Hobson stabbed Patel multiple times, leading to his death. The incident deeply affected the Sandringham community, prompting an outpouring of support and condolences. Numerous flowers and keepsakes were left in front of the Rose Cottage Superette in memory of Patel, highlighting the profound impact of his tragic death on the local community.


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