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Indian Crushed Between Buses In Auckland Out Of Danger

Image: Vivek Chugh/Facebook

The young Indian who was crushed between two buses on April 12, is out of the Critical Care Unit and is still receiving intensive treatment post-operation at Auckland City Hospital. 

GoBus driver, Vivek Chugh, received three surgeries on his stomach over the last week at the hospital in Grafton, where his friend and roommate, Shreshth Malhotra has continued to look after him since his accident.

“A few days ago, Vivek gained consciousness, now being able to talk and consume liquid foods,” says Malhotra. “The doctors are saying he’s stable now but they’ll monitor his health over the next four to eight weeks to check on any signs of improvement.”  

Malhotra’s brother-in-law, Kunal Bhalla, shared the devastating news with Chugh’s family in Muktsar, Punjab.



After the initial incident, Bhalla at once arranged visas and accommodation for Chugh’s mother, Seema and his older brother, Ishwer. They arrived last weekend to look after Vivek at the hospital. 

“His family is just grateful to see that Vivek can finally speak and move a little now,” says Malhotra.

“The doctors had a Zoom meeting with his family in India a couple of weeks ago and I was there translating so they knew about Vivek’s upcoming procedures. We made arrangements instantly and they have officially arrived safe and sound.”


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Although GoBus declined to release information to the Indian Weekender without Vivek’s approval, Malhotra mentions that GoBus has been in daily contact with him after the incident, either visiting occasionally or calling every day.

GoBus’ HR Chief, Operations Manager, and General Manager have all visited Chugh while at the hospital, supporting him and hoping for a speedy recovery.

“[GoBus] paid for Vivek’s family’s flights so that they could visit their son in hospital as soon as they could,” says Malhotra.

Chugh’s health is improving with his family and friends' continued support as they all wait at the hospital together, hoping for more positive updates from the doctors.


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