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Hundreds Fined, Cars Impounded At Street Race Meet-Ups

Officers carry out Operation Tread on Auckland's Quay Street, April 2024. Photo: Police / Supplied

More than 200 fines were issued and half a dozen cars impounded when police targeted planned street racing events in Auckland at the weekend.

Police on Saturday night were "right across the region at various hot spots where these vehicles would travel to meet up, drive dangerously and do burnouts" Acting Inspector Tyson Martin said on Wednesday.

Locations included Quay Street in central Auckland, to Westgate, Onehunga, the North Shore and as far south as Mangatāwhiri.

"As soon as groups moved into these areas, police were there to disrupt their plans and, in some areas, quickly set up checkpoints," Martin said. "We found in some cases our staff's presence meant those taking part actually moved on and didn't form into larger groups."

Dubbed 'Operation Tread', police said the effort involved more than 1700 breath tests - 11 of which came back over the limit. One person blew 908mcg, nearly four times the legal limit.

In addition to 209 infringement notices, police issued 28 green and pink stickers to defective vehicles, made five arrests and laid 13 charges that will be heard in court.

Several drivers failed to stop for police, they said, including near Ramarama, Onehunga and Albany.

Police in Waikato handed out another 55 infringements and impounded one vehicle while disrupting a "large convoy of vehicles" heading north.

"It's not only a nuisance to residents and other road users, but the foolish behaviour is putting people at risk of serious harm," Martin said.

"We know the public are frustrated when they see public roads used in this way, and we are continuing to take action to disrupt and hold these people to account."

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