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Have You Tried This Latest Outdoor Gym In Papatoetoe?

Latest Outdoor Gym In Papatoetoe

Residents of South Auckland now have access to a state-of-the-art outdoor fitness centre, courtesy of the newly-opened facility at Papatoetoe Recreation Ground. 

This addition to the community comes at no cost, thanks to a substantial investment totaling $150,000 from the Ōtara-Papatoetoe Local Board and Auckland Council

The outdoor fitness centre is equipped with a diverse range of equipment tailored to meet various fitness needs, including cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training. 

Whether individuals prefer solo workouts or group sessions with friends and family, this facility accommodates a wide range of preferences and fitness levels. 

This inclusivity aligns with the vision of Apulu Reece Autagavaia, chairperson of the local board, who champions initiatives that foster an active lifestyle within the community.

“Local tertiary students won a competition to bring these outdoor facilities to Papatoetoe. The local board was able to leverage off the project to provide extra funding, to ensure the project could go ahead, and that our locals can access the fitness equipment”, says Apulu.



The project was made possible through a collaborative effort involving Access for Change and the AUT Center for Active Ageing. Recognising the importance of providing accessible fitness options, the local board supplemented the initial funding to ensure the project's success. This partnership exemplifies the power of community-driven initiatives in creating positive change and addressing the needs of residents.

Papatoetoe Recreation Ground already offers an array of sporting and recreational activities, and the addition of the outdoor fitness centre further enriches the facilities available to residents. 

From indoor cricket to tennis courts, the ground serves as a hub for various sports enthusiasts. Now, with the introduction of the outdoor gym, individuals have even more opportunities to engage in physical activity and pursue their fitness goals.

Construction of the outdoor gym commenced in January and was completed ahead of schedule, thanks to favorable weather conditions and diligent workmanship. 

With 12 stations equipped with comprehensive instructions, users can navigate the equipment with ease, maximising their workouts for optimal results.

To further enhance the user experience, a user-friendly app has been developed to provide detailed guidance on equipment usage and workout routines. This digital resource complements the physical infrastructure of the outdoor gym, offering users additional support and encouragement on their fitness journey.

Looking ahead, Access for Change has plans to host an event showcasing the future stages of development for the outdoor fitness center.

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