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Foodstuffs Recalls Garlic Bread After Rat's Foot Reportedly Found

Foodstuffs has recalled a line of garlic bread after claims a rat's foot was found in a loaf.

Foodstuffs has kicked off a nationwide garlic bread recall after a rather unsettling incident involving a rat's foot found nestled in a loaf purchased at the Te Awamutu Pak’nSave.

Shannon Bellman recounted the stomach-churning moment when she plucked the furry discovery from her 10-month-old son's mouth, who was munching away alongside his 5-year-old sister.

Bellman's son, with his delicate immune system, suffered an upset stomach post-garlic bread consumption, prompting immediate action.



The store swiftly yanked the offending batch from shelves, launched an investigation, and alerted the supplier. Foodstuffs wasted no time, deciding to recall the entire batch across Pak’nSave, New World, Four Square, and Gilmours & Trents outlets.

With a joint effort from the supplier, Ministry of Primary Industries, and NZ Food Safety, they're on a mission to unravel the mystery behind the unwelcome rat's foot appearance.

This culinary calamity follows a string of rodent-related incidents plaguing supermarkets nationwide. Just last month, a Countdown Dunedin store found itself in hot water due to unwelcome guests in the deli section. Pest controllers had their hands full, nabbing a whopping 13 rats in a mere 48 hours.

And the rodent saga doesn't end there. A Pak’nSave in West Auckland had a dash of mouse mischief, with a sneaky critter caught on camera making a dash from the bakery section to the shampoo aisle. Meanwhile, over at Grey Lynn Countdown in Auckland, pigeons decided to make themselves at home, much to the horror of one unnamed shopper, who described the scene as "bloody filthy" and called for some serious hygiene reinforcement.

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