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countless smiles and endless festive cheer

The air was alive with laughter and the vibrant colours of celebration as the Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust (BSCT) ushered in its annual Christmas and end-of-year extravaganza in Auckland.

With about 250 attendees, including senior community members, parliamentarians, community leaders, and supporters, the event on December 9 marked the culmination of a year filled with cultural engagements and community-building activities.
For decades, the BSCT had orchestrated this awaited event, and this year was no different. The venue was adorned with splendid decorations, echoing the festive spirit that filled the air. The seniors, dressed in their finest ethnic attire, radiated excitement as they gathered for this special occasion that saw many memorable performances.

The joyous afternoon was filled with a plethora of performances that showcased the diverse talents within the community. Fromtraditional dances to soul-stirringmusical renditions, the stage came alive with the rich cultural heritage of Bhartiya Samaj. The hall echoed with cheers and applause as the performances unfolded.

The list of dignitaries included Honorary Consul of India in Auckland Bhav Dhillon; MP Carlos Cheung, Ethnic Responsiveness Manager for Metro Auckland for NZ Police Jessica Phuang, Puketapapa Local Board Chairperson Ella Kumar and Bhartiya Samaj’s patron Dr Bruce Hucker among others.

Reflecting on the warmth of the occasion, Cheung expressed his gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust and Jeet Suchdev, for the warm invitation. It was a great day celebrating Christmas with our local Indian seniors. Got to brush up on my dancing moves.”

The celebrations weren’t just about entertainment; they reflected the deep cultural bonds that bind the community together.
Dignitaries and community leaders took the stage to deliver encouraging speeches, emphasising the importance of unity and shared celebration.

Bhav Dhillon, capturing the essence of the event, said, “It was great to see smiles on the faces of so many people and celebrate our multicultural heritage.”

Jeet Suchdev, chairperson, BSCT, remarked, “For our seniors, this celebration is not just an event; it’s a culmination of joy, shared traditions, and a testament to our cultural richness. It is always a great feeling to see our seniors enthusiastically enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time at this celebration.

“There is nothing more rewarding than seeing smiles on their faces. Their smiles and happiness are our lifeline. We endeavour to keep doing such events."

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