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Countdown Glitch: Online Orders Shut After Delays

Countdown has resolved the technical glitch that initially hindered the visibility of customer orders, yet the supermarket's online ordering service remains inactive. The malfunction in the online order platform left households throughout Aotearoa waiting for grocery deliveries that failed to materialise over the weekend.

News website Stuff quoted a Woolworths spokesman as saying, "Yesterday afternoon, a technical glitch disrupted the flow of customer orders from our ordering system to our fulfillment system. This resulted in our team being unable to access and prepare the placed orders."]

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To mitigate the issue, the system was temporarily closed to prevent additional orders, and those affected were rescheduled for the following day. Affected customers were notified via text message. Although the technical problem was resolved on Sunday evening and online ordering briefly resumed on Monday, it was closed again.

The spokesperson assured, "Online ordering will resume as normal for the remainder of the week. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers."

Reports from concerned customers surfaced, highlighting the impact of the disruption. Katie McPhee from Petone shared her experience of receiving a late-night text postponing her delivery to the next day, affecting her work schedule. Others reported receiving texts citing "technical issues" and faced challenges reaching the helpline for assistance.

A user on X platform described a lengthy wait on the helpline, encountering difficulties canceling a processing online order. Some customers were informed of a "24-hour delay" on online orders.

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