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Central, North Auckland Wards Being Redrawn, Have Your Say

The Council is asking for your views on its initial proposal for a review on representation

Auckland Council is planning to tweak the boundaries of a few local wards in central and north Auckland and if you have something to say about it, now is the time. 

The Council is asking for your views on its initial proposal for a review on representation. Aucklanders can visit akhaveyoursay.nz/represent to find out more about the proposed changes and give feedback until 4pm on August 8, 2024.

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Through the review, the council is looking to maintain the current number of wards and councillors, while adjusting some ward boundaries in central and north Auckland.

The number of local boards and their elected members stay the same except for Howick, where two more local board members are proposed to account for growth.

There are also proposed subdivision changes in Howick and Rodney, to provide more even representation for communities.

“Auckland Council has been around for nearly 15 years now, and it’s timely to get your views on how our elected member structure could improve,” says Councillor Julie Fairey, chair of the Joint Governance Working Party.

“We know it’s a pretty complicated machine from the outside, so do check out the background information and feel free to contact your local reps for a chat too.”

­­­Once consultation closes, the Council will review feedback and allow anyone who wishes to speak about their submission to be heard in September. Any necessary changes will then be made before the public is notified of a final proposal in October.

Why should I give feedback?

A small number of Aucklanders will be directly affected by proposed boundary and subdivision changes, potentially moving them from one ward, local board, or local board subdivision to another, which changes who will represent them. The council wants to hear from people in these areas to find out if they support change.

The opportunity to consider how we are represented may not happen again until 2030. The council is also asking Aucklanders now how they want to be represented in the future to ensure our structure is fair, effective and keeps pace with Auckland’s growth.   

How can I find out more?

Give feedback online at nz/represent, or email representationreview@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

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