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$2,000 fine for auckland woman who left sick dog to die

An Auckland woman who left her sick dog to die, as she found treatment too costly, has been served a fine of $2,000 and sentenced to social work.

She was prosecuted by Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) after leaving her German Shepherd in a state of prolonged suffering, ultimately leading to the dog's euthanasia.

The woman faced charges related to the ill-treatment of the animal, causing it unreasonable pain and distress. The verdict was delivered at the North Shore District Court, where she was sentenced to 150 hours of community work and a five-year ban on owning dogs. Additionally, the woman was ordered to pay $1500 in reparations to the SPCA, along with a $500 legal fee.

SPCA inspectors were alerted to the case in October 2020 when they visited the woman's property. The female German Shepherd was discovered lying on floor, unable to stand and covered in urine and fecal matter. 

The German Shepherd had lost the ability to use her hind legs, experienced loss of bowel control, and had blood-stained urine. Further examination revealed heavily inflamed ear canals, indicating a long-term disease.

The severity of the dog's pain led to the difficult decision of euthanasia, as stated by the SPCA.

The owner claimed her dog had become "unstable" in late 2018, losing the ability to walk by early 2019. Despite a vet visit two years prior for ear issues, which resulted in a surgery recommendation costing over $3000, the owner chose not to proceed with the treatment.

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