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New To NZ Job Market? Here Is How Auckland Malayali Samajam Can Help

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For a first-time job seeker in New Zealand, the process can be overwhelming, with numerous interviews and unfamiliar rules.To aid in this transition, the Auckland Malayali Samajam is hosting a seminar specifically for South Asian professionals, inviting all new South Asian immigrants to attend.

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Scheduled for 15th June 2024, the seminar aims to empower South Asian immigrants who may be facing obstacles in their journey to find employment. Leading the seminar will be Mahesh Murlidhar, an alumnus of the University of Auckland with a career in management and strategy consulting. Murlidhar will provide insights to job seekers on navigating the New Zealand job market and an attempt to integrate into kiwi-culture.

To register for the seminar, click here.

In addition to this seminar, the association helps Malayalees in Auckland build connections, form friendships, and gain a deeper understanding of their community.

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The Auckland Malayali Samajam (AMS), established in 1999, is dedicated to promoting, preserving, and nurturing the unique cultural and linguistic heritage of the Malayalee community. It also aims to foster connections and friendships among Malayalees in Auckland and across New Zealand, enriching the country's diverse cultural fabric with the best Malayalee traditions. The organisation also offers Malayalam classes to ensure the younger generation of the diaspora remains connected to their mother tongue.

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AMS’s primary objectives include fostering friendship and unity among New Zealand societies, aiding the integration of community members into the broader New Zealand society, and conducting activities aligned with these goals. The society is committed to educating the younger generation about rich Malayalee culture and language, helping them grow as responsible citizens. AMS organises cultural functions and promotes solidarity with other cultural organisations within New Zealand and beyond. It emphasises promoting family values among its members and the wider New Zealand society and educates members about the dangers of family violence, drug abuse, and alcohol dependence.

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AMS also partakes in development programmes aimed at the welfare and well-being of the New Zealand community, promotes health education among its communities, and assists in settling new immigrants to New Zealand. The organisation encourages sports and cultural activities, collects necessary funds from members and the community to achieve its objectives, and acquires and manages properties to further its goals.

The primary mission of AMS is to promote the interests of the organisation and its members within the broader community, striving to make a difference by educating the public and expanding its reach.

The AGM of AMS annually elects the Executive Committee. The current executive committee comprises:

  • Robin K Babu - President
  • Mebin John - Secretary
  • Libi Jacob - Vice President
  • Divya Vijay - Joint Secretary
  • Lesley Corray - Treasurer
  • Aby Joseph - Executive Member
  • Vinu Mani - Executive Member
  • Daisy Sujo - Executive Member
  • Shiji Joby - Executive Member
  • Jaimon Menachery - Executive Member
  • Sana Ram - Area Representative
  • Abhinand Paul - Area Representative
  • Gopal Nair - Area Representative
  • Joyal Jose - Area Representative
  • Shifan Rafique - Area Representative
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One of the largest events organised by the Auckland Malayali Samajam is the Onam Celebration, attracting over 1,200 community members annually. Additionally, AMS hosts celebrations for Christmas, Easter, Vishu, and Eid each year, showcasing the unity in diversity within the organisation. The annual Kalotsavam cultural performance competition for children and various sports events further engage the wider Malayalee community in New Zealand.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of AMS, and in celebration, the organisation plans to host a mega event that will highlight the unique contributions and vibrant culture of the Auckland Malayali Samajam.

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