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Auckland mum meets staff who helped deliver baby at Costco

Gill and Keith Bay with their newborn, Nathanael. (Supplied photo)

Embarking on a journey that feels like a lifetime membership to surprises, Kiwi mother Gill Bay found herself in the unconventional setting of a Costco bathroom, cradling her "miracle baby" with an unexpected package of complimentary nappies and baby formula.

This extraordinary moment unfolded after years of navigating the challenges of fertility, as the primary school teacher, alongside her husband Keith, welcomed their firstborn, Nathanael Mark, into the world amidst the tiled confines of Costco Westgate.

The unique delivery, witnessed by a handful of employees on that unforgettable Friday, marked the beginning of a tale where the joy of a miraculous birth intertwined with the quirky perks of the unexpected locale.

Since Nathanael's entrance into the world at 35 weeks, two Costco workers have taken the initiative to reconnect with the Bay family, expressing their genuine concern for the baby they played a crucial role in delivering in their own store.

"A Costco staff member named Ju reached out to us, inquiring about our well-being. This was just a day after the miraculous and supernatural birth of our child," she shares. The colleague who visited the couple played a vital role in Nathanael's en caul birth, a rare occurrence where a baby is born within an intact amniotic sac. When the couple couldn't discern their baby's cries, the Costco staff member intervened by expertly breaking the sac open.

"We are immensely grateful to them because they were the ones who supported us during my labor and the birth of our sweet beloved. We thank God for their presence," Bay expresses.

Gill and Keith Bay with Ju and the Costco staff member who broke the Kiwi mum's sac.
Gill and Keith Bay with Ju and the Costco staff member who broke the Kiwi mum's sac. (Supplied photo)

Post-delivery, the couple was transported to Waitākere Hospital, where Nathanael received top-notch care from an exceptional team in the special care unit.

While Costco NZ has yet to reach out to the couple, Bay acknowledges the various suggestions from well-wishers on social media regarding potential free perks from the corporation. However, the couple's primary focus remains on cherishing their new addition and navigating the nuances of life with their precious baby.

“We appreciate people’s enthusiasm, but we haven’t been contacted by the company to talk about that. They gave us a courtesy call, though, to check how we are doing and visited us yesterday, giving us a bountiful hamper for our baby, and we are grateful.”

In addition to gift suggestions, playful nickname recommendations have poured in: Baby Kirk, Kirkland, Aisle, Baby Costco—just a few examples of the whimsical monikers for baby Nathanael. "We find them amusing, but for now, we're simply reveling in getting to know our little one and haven't settled on a nickname yet," she says.

“Our journey to this point has been filled with challenges and uncertainty, but now, as I hold our precious baby in my arms, I realize that every trial was worth it,” Bay reflects. “This little miracle is a poignant reminder of the strength of love and the power of hope. I am filled with joy as I gaze into our baby's eyes, knowing that our family is now complete. I am forever grateful for this blessing, and I am excited to witness the unfolding of the future for us.”

The new parents are convinced that Nathanael’s distinctive arrival is "a sign of the unique and wonderful journey that lies ahead for him."

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