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"Hu + Tu = Aapane": Kaajal Oza Vaidya's Talk Coming To Auckland

Renowned for her literary brilliance and engaging storytelling, Kaajal will grace the stage in Auckland

Renowned for her literary brilliance and engaging storytelling, Kaajal Oza Vaidya will grace the stage in Auckland this month, offering a glimpse into her life experiences and unique insights through her talk, "Hu + Tu = Aapane."

Kaajal Oza Vaidya, a prominent figure in the literary world, hails from Ahmedabad, India, where she has significantly contributed as an author, screenwriter, radio personality, and journalist. This event marks her return to Auckland after six years, brought to you by Events Plus Limited.


In "Hu + Tu = Aapane," Kaajal explains the meaning behind the phrase. "Hu" translates to "me," "tu" means "you," and "aapne" signifies "us." She breaks it down how a simple plus sign between "you" and "me" transforms us from separate individuals into a collective "us." It's all about that little plus sign—symbolising a bit of understanding—that unites us.

The talk will be held on June 22, 2024, 5.00 PM, at the Green Bay High School Performing Arts Centre,

"Kaajal Vaidya knows how to express herself in a light yet impactful manner, promising an unforgettable journey into the world of literature and storytelling," says Sonal Cholera Dholakia, the owner of Events Plus Limited.

Kaajal graduated with a degree in English and Sanskrit from Gujarat University in 1986 and has since become a prolific writer with over 56 books to her name, including novels, short stories, and essays. Her literary journey began with the short story collection "Sambandh.. To Akash" in 2005, followed by a collection of poetry titled "Sheshyatra." Her popularity soared when her first novel, "Yog Viyog," was serialised in Chitralekha weekly. She has since authored several acclaimed novels, such as "Krishnayan," "Sannata Nu Sarnamu," and "Purna Apurna."

In addition to her writing, Kaajal has made her mark in screenwriting, with credits for stories, dialogues, and scripts for soap operas and films. She has also penned plays, essays, and columns for various publications, showcasing her versatility and depth as a writer.

With an expected audience of over 300 attendees, Kaajal's talk show in Auckland promises to be an evening filled with laughter, inspiration, and thought-provoking insights delivered in her signature style. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the magic of storytelling. Click here to book tickets.

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