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Amit Tandon Brings Laughter To Kiwi Shores, Again

Amit Tandon In Auckland. Photo: Supplied

Amit Tandon, the ‘married guy’ of Indian standup comedy, tickled the funny bone during his much-anticipated tour of New Zealand last week, captivating audiences in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. 

Known for his relatable humor that delves into the everyday trials and triumphs of married life, Tandon brought his signature wit and charm to the Kiwi stage.

His biggest draw was in Auckland, where the anticipation was palpable. The venue buzzed with excitement as a diverse crowd, including many Indian expatriates and comedy enthusiasts, filled the seats. 

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Tandon took the stage to thunderous applause from the nearly 475 people in attendance, immediately putting the audience at ease with his warm, affable demeanour.

"Amit Tandon's show was a breath of fresh air! His relatable humour about different generations had the entire audience in stitches – from younger generations to grandparents. It's a perfect show for a fun family night out," said Saif Shaikh from McClymont Shaikh Immigration Specialists, who were immigration consultants for bringing in Amit Tandon

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Photo: Supplied

He began his set with humorous observations about daily life, packed with nostalgia and relatable anecdotes that could take any 90s Indian child back to their childhood.

“It was classic Amit Tandon,” says Himanshu Batra of Bollysphere, which organised the show. “He always delivers a bout of nostalgia among that set of audience. The audience was in splits.”

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The comic’s performance in Wellington, the cultural heart of New Zealand, drew an equally eager 400people. His performance was a masterclass in comedic timing and relatability. 

An Instagram user by the name of anukawdecor commented, “OMG! You totally killed it at the Wellington show. It was an amazing show, and I have never laughed nonstop for two hours in my life.”

Amit’s anecdotes about Indian family dynamics, laden with sarcasm and affectionate jibes, resonated deeply with the audience. 

His Christchurch gig, which attracted about 200 people, was filled with jokes that were a blend of cultural insights and universal humour, making everyone feel included. 

Aside from the performances, Amit seemed to have made the most of his trip. He wrote on Instagram, “New Zealand tour ends today with Wellington and it has been amazing! Star gazing in hot water springs, bungee jumping, landing on a glacier, speed boats, driving through the most scenic areas in the world - all in a week! Will be back soon.” 

His tour was more than just a series of comedy shows; it was a cultural exchange that bridged gaps and built connections through laughter. His ability to find humor in the mundane, combined with his genuine engagement with the audience, left a lasting impression.


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