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Aman Gulia Is 1st Kiwi-Indian Among Top 5 Harcourts Agents Globally

Aman Gulia (left) at the awards with David Findlay of JK Realty Group based out of Mt Albert, Auckland.

Trailblazing realtor Aman Gulia has become the first Kiwi-Indian to feature among Top 5 in Harcourts’ annual ratings of its agents worldwide for the fiscal ending March 2024.

The maverick agent from Haryana rubbed shoulders with some of the best-selling Harcourts agents globally last year.

“To be the first Indian New Zealander in Harcourts’ history to do so…it’s something of a dream,” says Aman, who works with David Findlay at JK Realty Group based out of Mt Albert, Auckland.

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The good news came in twos for the 31-year-old from Haryana, as he also swept the award for making the maximum number of exclusive listings across the Auckland Region. 

“It’s been a fantastic year,” says Aman, who stood out for his performance among over 6,000 Harcourts agents working across 19 countries. 

Gulia is the first Kiwi-Indian set to feature in ‘Rich Listers’, a real estate reality show that captures the drama and rivalry among top selling agents in New Zealand’s high-end property market.  

The show’s producers say they picked Aman because of his rather short yet remarkable journey in the industry. He became a full-time agent in 2020, and in about three years he made some big sales, including a few that set industry records.

"My journey was quite unexpected and unplanned,” Aman says. “I arrived in New Zealand in 2011 with no real plan or direction, but quickly pursued a mechanical engineering degree at Manukau Institute of Technology."

He devotes his success to his team and the people around him. In the year 2021-22, Aman was reportedly the 11th top-selling Harcourts agent globally, and is said to have achieved $150 million in sales in what was his first full year as a real estate agent. One of his standout achievements includes brokering a $20 million sale of a historic church property alongside David Findlay, a deal that garnered significant attention for its complexity and impact.

He says his engineering degree brought him closer to the property market. "Before I knew it, I had done a subdivision and made some money. I loved that process and wanted to help others, so before I knew it, I was speaking to people about development and subdivision and then got told I should sell as an agent. After a little bit of drifting around in Real Estate, I found my home with people who were as driven as I was, as well as great leadership from my mentor and business owner, David Findlay, and with that I just took off”

Aman’s attitude and ambition got him the role in the second season of Rich Listers, say the producers of the show that has yet to be aired. The first season launched on the Bravo television network, but media partners for the second edition have yet to be announced.  

Before immersing in the property market as an agent, Aman managed a company that helped people subdivide their properties, a time when he bought his first house, in Massey. 

He says the experience intrigued him so much he decided to enroll in a professional course and become a sales agent.
Aman believes this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. He and his amazing team are thrilled to help more clients achieve their property dreams and are eager to garner even greater recognition in the future.

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