While Kanye West dabbles with the idea of running for president, he still makes time to share his wisdom. New Zealand rapper Lil Mussie and Kanye shared ideas about the importance of education and influencing future generations. The connection was made through Kanye’s team who worked on Lil Mussie’s latest single to be released this month.

“Kanye heard the song, and he liked my line ‘slipping pesos to the state homes’. Pretty chuffed to have been complimented by him on my lyrics”.

“We related a lot because of my efforts with Bread and his vision with the Yeezy Campus - just like how we’re developing a youth centre here in Auckland”.

Lil Mussie is the founder of the Bread Charity, helping kids in poverty in New Zealand. A project he started three years ago at the age of 22 after graduating with a BSc Honours degree from the University of Auckland.

The inspiration was drawn from his childhood and seeing the effects of poverty first-hand. Wanting to make a difference, he founded a charity which runs supercar events to fundraise.

“I want to show people that no matter which stage of your life you are at, it’s important and possible to give back to others. I was 22 when starting Bread, what excuse does anyone else have for not helping others?

“As I grow and achieve in life, I want to uplift others; there’s no point in individual success. Real success is achieving yourself and bringing up others with you.”

“I want to change education systems and influence generations to come. Every kid regardless of where they come from should know how amazing they are and that they can achieve anything they want”.

Lil Mussie has also teamed up with Kanye’s engineer, Anthony Kilhoffer, on his latest single titled “On Me”. Anthony has worked on many of Kanye’s projects including Grammy-winning albums My.

Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Graduation and Late Registration.

The song features Cleveland based rapper Chip Tha Ripper (also known as King Chip) who also boasts an extensive discography. Chip has worked with a multitude of rappers including Kid Cudi, A$AP Rocky, Kanye West and Travis Scott.

“It was a great experience to work with such established people. I learnt a lot from Anthony through the process – he engineered the whole song, also adding to the production. Chip is a legend; I’ve always been a fan of his work, so it was nice to have him feature on the track”.

“Yeah, a Kanye feature could happen in the future, but we talked about life and shared ideas more than music banter. Let’s see what happens,” Mussie says.

Lil Mussie uses his music to raise awareness for his cause to learn more check out https://www.bread.org.nz/.