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Kiwi-Indian Left Frustrated By Police Silence Following Assault

Ronark Patel, the night manager at BP 2GO on Jervois Rd. He was viciously assaulted and worried he could lose his right eye. Photo / Michael Craig/ NZ Herald

The manager of a Ponsonby petrol station, Ronark Patel, 28, was left frustrated after an assault at work when police reportedly failed to respond to calls for help from his rescuer, off-duty paramedic Alice Tolich, The New Zealand Herald reported.

The incident occurred two weeks ago at the BP 2go in Jervois Rd. Patel, working alone as night manager, was approached by a man he describes as "highly agitated" who asked to use the bathroom. CCTV footage shows the man leaving the bathroom and launching an unprovoked attack on Patel, repeatedly punching him.

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Patel tried to defend himself, but it was Tolich who intervened. Off-duty and on her way back to her car after dinner with her husband, Tolich heard the commotion and came to Patel's aid. Despite feeling frightened, Tolich confronted the attacker, who eventually fled the scene in his car.

Patel attempted to call the police but was hindered by his injuries. Tolich made two calls to 111 for help, requesting both an ambulance and police assistance. However, neither emergency service responded to their calls.

Following the attack, Patel expressed his frustration, stating, "Why call the police when they don't turn up? ... Does someone have to die before they take any notice?"

The petrol station owner, known as Kumar, rushed to the scene upon hearing of the incident. After waiting for 50 minutes with no response from first responders, Tolich suggested Kumar drive Patel to the hospital himself.

Inspector Wayne Kitcher of Auckland City West Police explained that at the time of the incident, units in the area were attending other priority incidents, and the victim had already been transported to the hospital when police attempted to make contact.

Patel, who suffered fractures to his orbital bone, is still awaiting an eye operation and an update from the police regarding the attacker. His attacker, an 18-year-old man, has since been arrested and charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and threatening to kill. He is expected to appear in the Auckland District Court next week.

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