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Irony on the Rocks: Thieves Mistakenly Raid Alcohol-Free Liquor Store

CCTV footage showing thieves breaking into the store

When a trio of thieves attempted to rob the Curious AF Bottle Shop in Ponsonby, they likely didn't anticipate the irony of their haul: alcohol-free liquor. The store, owned by Lisa King, offers a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, including her own pre-mixed cocktails.

"They seemed to target what they thought were high-end spirits," King told Focus. "They took the whiskey, the tequila, all the rose—they were very selective. They also grabbed some AF products... and a hat!“ --- The New Zealand Herald reported.

Police responded to the incident around 1:25 am on Tuesday and found the abandoned stolen car on Hobson St. Most of the stolen products were left in the vehicle, clearly not meeting the thieves' expectations.

A 34-year-old man was arrested and was due to appear in Auckland District Court, with further inquiries ongoing.

The Curious AF team found humor in the situation, posting CCTV footage of the incident on Instagram and TikTok, garnering over 20,000 views. The video shows the thieves backing a car into the shop's glass doors before grabbing their loot.

Many viewers were surprised the doors didn't shatter, although King mentioned they still need to be replaced due to minor damage. She is also considering installing a bollard out front for added security.

Despite the incident, the alcohol-free industry is thriving, with Curious AF planning to enter another market later this year.

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