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Blackcaps, White Ferns unveil new cricket jersey with India twist

In a poignant gesture aimed at fostering the bond between India and New Zealand, the BLACKCAPS and WHITE FERNS have unveiled a remarkable "two homes" shirt, boasting a distinctive design that pays homage to both nations.

This unveiling, conducted during a surprise appearance at a social cricket gathering in Hamilton, elicited a pleasantly surprised reaction from members of the Indian cricket community.

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Crafted through collaboration with major sponsor ANZ, these limited edition shirts serve as a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering passion displayed by the Indian cricket enthusiasts for both their homeland team and the BLACKCAPS and WHITE FERNS. With one half of the shirt dedicated to India and the other to New Zealand, the design encapsulates the spirit of unity and camaraderie between the two cricketing nations

ANZ NZ Head of Sponsorship, Sarah Rogan, shared that the launch was perfectly timed, coinciding with the visits of the Bangladesh and Pakistan international teams this season. The "two homes" collection doesn't stop at India; it extends its embrace to fans from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, recognizing the diverse cricketing loyalties in New Zealand, where 27% of the population is born overseas.

Rogan said that the shirts symbolize the dual allegiance many fans experience, supporting multiple teams from different countries. The launch event at Hamilton's social cricket match marks a celebration of these diverse cricketing communities and their significant role in the sport.

Vishnu Nair, secretary of local club The Little Masters, expressed appreciation for the symbolic unity embodied in the ANZ jersey, describing it as a “testament to the friendship between the two nations they proudly call home.”

NZC chief executive Scott Weenink applauded ANZ for the innovative initiative, noting that this launch beautifully aligns with New Zealand Cricket's commitment to cultural engagement through the sport.

“It’s wonderful to see this kind of cultural engagement through cricket – it’s part of our philosophy and we whole-heartedly endorse it. New Zealand has a rich and diverse ethnic landscape and it’s lovely to see ANZ celebrating this,” he said

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