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Big Immigration Rivals Announce Merger: McClymont & Shaikh Associates

Alastair McClymont and Saif Shaikh. (Supplied photo)

A glint of mischief in his eyes, Saif is always eager to crack a joke– looking for an opening to lighten the moment. 

Alastair McClymont is a study in contrast. With lips pursed and eyes squinted, he pierces you with a gaze so deep it can be unnerving.

But they have one thing in common–years of stellar performance in New Zealand’s immigration landscape, with a focus on Indians. This common passion, they say, has driven them to take the audacious yet tantalising decision to join forces–and launch McClymont Shaikh Immigration Specialists.

tream The new team at McClymont Shaikh Immigration Specialists. (Supplied photo)

The new company is a merger between Saif Shaikh’s Immigration Advice NZ and Alastair’s McClymont & Associates. Between them, the two have 50 years of industry experience. 

“40 years from Alastair, and 10 years from me,” Saif quips, letting out a shy smile. 

“Being in the industry for many years, we have decided to work together. Under the guidance of Alastair, and his experience, we've decided to put our teams together so that it's a win-win situation for our clients and us.”

When it comes to immigration consultancy, Saif and Alastair have their specialties. Immigration Advice, a venerable institution, has been the go-to for standard immigration procedures, guiding countless individuals and families through the labyrinth of paperwork and regulations. 

Meanwhile, MyClymont and Associates have earned a reputation for tackling the thorniest of cases, the ones that require not just expertise but a touch of legal finesse.

Alastair says as they began contemplating a merger, exploring the synergies and opportunities that lay before them, skepticism gave way to possibility. The merger, they realised, could be a game-changer, not just for their firms but also for the clients they served.

“When we talk about immigration, you know, as friends for many years, we've discovered that we share the same sort of passion for immigration and for serving our client base. 

“And because we have that shared desire to provide the best possible customer service and to really look after our clients, we thought this merger made total sense,” Alastair says. 

Saif says he is looking forward to the partnership particularly given Alastair’s passion to help clients with a deft personal touch. “He is going to keep us on our toes.”

Alastair is hoping Saif will add value to his expertise, especially in the area of operations. “The experience he brings around processes and operations is immense…and you know that face-to-face dealing with the clients and solving the client problem.”

The new immigration company began operations on May 1, 2024, from 1/415 Great South Road Ellerslie Auckland 1051. You can reach them at +64211446641, or email advice@msimmigration.co.nz

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