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aarti to bhangra: aucklands's epic haryana day, diwali bash

The recent Haryana Day and Diwali celebration by Haryana Federation NZ painted a vibrant picture of how collective celebrations can transcend boundaries and create a legacy of harmony and joy.

Auckland's Due Drop Event Centre was transformed into a vibrant mosaic of colours, rhythm, and unity as more than 2,500 people gathered to participate in the celebration on the evening of October 22.

The festivities commenced with an enchanting aarti, infusing the venue with spiritual fervour. What followed was a whirlwind of cultural performances that included dynamic Haryanvi dances, soul-stirring Ragni displays, and the infectious energy of bhangra.

The stage was set ablaze by talented performers such as Ndee Kundu, Khasa Aala Chahar, KD Desirock, and Punjabi maestro Resham Singh Anmol.

The audience was treated to an exhilarating medley of Haryanvi, Bollywood, and Punjabi melodies. From foot-tapping beats to soulful ballads, the music resonated with the diverse audience, igniting an electric atmosphere that reverberated throughout the event.

Karanjeet Singh Cheema, founder of Haryana Federation NZ, said, “The significance of such events for the Indian community in New Zealand cannot be overstated. These galas serve as a common ground for individuals from different regions and cultural backgrounds to unite, celebrate, and honour their shared heritage.”

Attendees raved about the remarkable experience, expressing their gratitude for an exceptional, family-centric celebration that not only entertained but also fostered a strong sense of community.

One of the attendees, Bhavik Bhatt, said, “It was a great community event. I enjoyed myself. The performances by all the artists were terrific."

As the event drew to a close, the co-founder of Haryana Federation NZ expressed his heartfelt gratitude. "This success was made possible by our sponsors, community members, and volunteers," said Gurbaj Singh Mall. "We promise to return next year with an even more magnificent celebration."

Karanjeet Singh Cheema (right) Founder of Haryana Federation with co-founder Gurbaaj Singh Mall 

Haryana Federation NZ is a non-political and non-profit organisation established in 2019 by Karanjeet Singh Cheema and Gurbaj Singh Mall, two Kiwi-Indians hailing from Haryana and supported by team members Ravi Ghanghas, Abhishek Dahiya and many more Kiwi-Indians hailing from Haryana.

Their vision was to create a platform where Haryanvi individuals in New Zealand could find a sense of belonging, a vision that materialised gloriously during this event, uniting the Haryanvi and Punjabi communities under one vibrant roof.


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