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Threat of measles outbreak continues to loom

Photo: RNZ/123RF

Despite repeated calls for action, public health experts say New Zealand remains at risk.

Health authorities and experts have been warning for months of the risks the country faces with falling immunisation rates and more people arriving from overseas.

New call-to-action


Epidemiologist Michael Baker told Morning Report the measles vaccine was very effective but because the disease was so infectious population coverage levels of 95 percent were needed.

Vaccination rates had been falling since 2017 and the decline had ramped up during the Covid pandemic.

Current coverage was 83 percent overall, and just 69 percent for Māori, Baker said.

"So we've got these big groups, or cohorts, of children who've missed out. And so we're really just very vulnerable now to a national epidemic."

Baker said two things must be done immediately - a catch-up programme rolled out through early childhood centres and schools, and travellers should be told to check their immunity status.

The Government was investing in improving the vaccine programme but that would take awhile, he said.

Baker said checking vaccine status could be a challenge for older people, but they should talk to their GP.

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