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How Many Times Was Sharmin Segal Auditioned For Heeramandi?

Photo courtesy: Sharmin Segal/Instagram

Sharmin Segal, known for her roles in Heeramandi and Malaal, recently opened up about her audition experience for the former, despite being filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali's niece. The actor, who appeared on The Great Indian Kapil Show alongside the Heeramandi cast, revealed that she had to audition for the role a whopping 16 times, News18 reported.

When host Kapil Sharma asked if her familial connection with Bhansali influenced her casting, Segal clarified that she underwent a rigorous audition process, spanning a year. She recounted the challenges of the audition rounds, emphasising her dedication to securing the role of Alamzeb, daughter of Mallikajaan (played by Manisha Koirala) in the series.


Despite her efforts, Segal has faced criticism for her performance in Heeramandi, particularly for being perceived as "expressionless." This backlash prompted her to disable comments on her Instagram posts. Criticism intensified after Segal shared images from her look test for the series, with some internet users expressing disappointment over her portrayal of Alamzeb.

Previously, Segal had also faced negative comments regarding her acting in a magazine shoot, with some questioning her expression and screen presence. Despite these challenges, Segal continues to pursue her acting career, having also appeared in the 2022 film Atithi Bhooto Bhava alongside Pratik Gandhi and Jackie Shroff.

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