When Naz Shazmaani had her car and all of her commercial cleaning equipment stolen recently, colleagues rallied round to ensure she didn’t miss a single contract.

“That’s the difference a good franchise partner makes,” she says. “They’re more like family than a business; they care about your success and nothing is too much trouble.” Naz’ partner is Green Acres, one of New Zealand’s longest-serving and most-respected franchise companies.

Naz says the company helped her out with spare equipment and materials so her home and commercial cleaning business wasn’t interrupted, and they also helped her with the insurance claim.

It’s been a year since Fijian-born Naz abandoned a career as a qualified chef managing a restaurant at Sky City, to become a cleaner. Wait, not a cleaner, she insists, but a person with her own cleaning business.

“Always believe in what you do. I’m proud to be managing and growing my own business, and I earn more today doing 32 hours a week than I did working full-time hospitality industry hours at Sky City,” she says.

Before joining Green Acres, Naz says she looked at other franchise offerings but settled on Green Acres as having the best offering, the most flexible business model and the most helpful team.

“People there are friendly and approachable. They are always happy to help you out if you have any problems.”

She says Green Acres has given her a lot of opportunities to grow. “They promoted me to ‘practical trainer’ and I have trained more than 20 new franchisees, plus I did a stint in their commercial sales office when a team member was on holiday.”

And her advice for others interested in a career as a franchise business owner? “Work hard and go the extra mile for your customers. When you do a job, make sure you do it right and check it. Communicate with your customers and ask them afterwards if they are happy with your work. If you lose a customer it’s hard to get them back, so you must look after the ones you have.” Eighty per cent of Naz’ business comes from Green Acres and 20 per cent is from client referrals. Almost all of her customers are now regulars.

And her advice on Green Acres? “If you ever want to buy a franchise business, go and see Green Acres. They have a whole range of other home and commercial franchise opportunities as well, including carpet cleaning and lawn care.”

About Green Acres

Formed in 1991 Green Acres is New Zealand’s largest and most successful franchise brand with over 800 franchises in cities and towns throughout the country. All franchisees are fully trained by specialists to deliver home care services including car valet, pool valet, carpet care, pest control, commercial and home cleaning, ironing and lawn and garden care.

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