When somebody says the word diet, loads of greens come to mind. Think spinach, lettuce, broccoli, basil and more. One green that does not come to mind at all - celery. Kale has been ruling the superfoods when it comes to greens and green juices, for a while now. But the new kid on the block, that nobody expected would make it big is celery. Consuming celery juice every morning has some serious health perks. 
The Celery Juice Challenge is simple. Drink a glass of celery juice first thing every morning for an entire week. Consume your regular dietary breakfast. 


  • 1 bunch of celery


  • Wash the leaves well and cut them up 
  • Put this into a juicer and run it thoroughly
  • Consume the juice immediately and have any other food or liquid only after 30 minutes. 
  • If the taste of celery is too strong, you can combine it with a few drops of lemon, a few strawberries or other herbs to make it more palatable. 

Some of the benefits of the juice are:
- Supports nervous system
The green veggie is a powerhouse and is said to have many calming effects on the nervous system since it has numerous detoxifying properties that help the body get rid of chemicals. Since it helps detoxify the body, it also acts as an excellent blood purifier. 
- Improves digestion
This vegetable is crucial for digestion since it aids the body in absorbing the important nutrients and therefore improving your body's detoxifying capabilities. 
- Detoxifies the liver
Celery helps to remove "bad bacteria" from the body. Other unnecessary things like fungi, virus, etc. are also easily eradicated since the vegetable has protective qualities as well. 
- Anti-inflammatory
Celery contains a potent flavonoid and has antioxidant properties and calms inflammation. 
- Healthy heart
Vitamins and nutrients present in celery help in preventing strokes, high blood pressure and also helps decongest the arteries from blockage and reduces the amount of plaque in them.