Probasee Bengali Association of New Zealand on Saturday, September 29, hosted Anandomela for the community at Western Springs Community Centre. 

Anandomela is one of the first rituals leading toward the grand celebration of the festival Durga Puja. Anandomela is a food festival aimed at bringing the best of home chefs with mouth-watering delicacies with street food flavours, the focus being community get together and bonding.

Anandomela is a way to celebrate Bengal. In India, this is observed on the fifth day of the upcoming Durga Puja festival. It is a way of welcoming Goddess Durga on earth. The event is marked with food stalls, clothing, light jewellery, accessories and a short cultural programme. The cultural programme had ten talented members singing, dancing and storytelling on the stage.

“We experienced one of the largest footfalls in recent years for this event and a great cross-section of the crowd across various communities including few of local Kiwis. In a way, it was quite encouraging to see the response across various people, and they thoroughly enjoyed an evening of fun and food with entertainment. Our estimate on total visitors would be over 300. There was a raffle as well, sponsored by Tulip Finance where a few people won gift hampers,” general secretary of Probasee Bengali NZ Sudeshna Giri told The Indian Weekender.


Probasee Bengali NZ gets a new team:

Probasee Bengali Association of New Zealand Inc. hosted its Annual General Meeting earlier in August and formed a new committee of office bearers to look after the activities and affairs of the Bengali community in New Zealand.

Pratap Banerjee heads the new team the president, Malabika Bhaduri as the vice-president, Sudeshna Giri as the general secretary, Harish Kala as Treasurer, Urmi Nandi and Shanta Basu as Joint Cultural Secretary, Joydeep Nandi as sports secretary and five general committee members. The next big event coming up for Probasee NZ is the Durga Puja to be held later this month.