The two leaders of Congress Party's young brigade, viz. Sachin Pilot and Milind Deora, have reached out to the members of Kiwi-Indian diaspora with an intention to establish "a permanent connection with them."

The two leaders, who are currently in Auckland on the invitation of Indian Overseas Congress - a body that seeks to be a bridge between the Indian National Congress and the diaspora - spoke at a dinner event in South Auckland on Saturday, July 28.

"We are here to hear from the Indian diaspora about their issues and expectations, along with presenting Congress Party's vision of India," Mr Deora said in a media interaction.

"We are really delighted to note the rich ethnic diversity in New Zealand where people are not differentiated on the basis of their religion, language, ethnicity or nationality," Mr Deora asserted.

"We would like to congratulate the Government of New Zealand for creating a great multicultural environment where people from different ethnicity and languages could participate equally in the national life," Mr Deora further said.

"This is the vision of Congress Party as well," Mr Deora added.

Speaking more about the role of Kiwi-Indian diaspora in promoting bilateral ties between India and New Zealand, the Pilot-Deora duo acknowledged and lauded them for their enterprising spirit, honesty and willingness in integrating within the New Zealand society.

Meanwhile, about two hundred people had attended the dinner event in South Auckland and heard patiently what the two leaders have to tell about the changes in the Congress Party and what it has to offer to the Indian diaspora, youths in particular.

"We have come here on the invitation of Indian Overseas Congress to establish more permanent connections with the Indian diaspora," Mr Pilot said.

"The idea is to meet with our diasporic communities to utilize the opportunity to allow the Overseas Indian's to participate in giving ideas, thoughts and suggestions to help the Congress Party in India to provide better administration and better policies," Mr Pilot further added.

Both the leaders also said they are hopeful that Congress party President Rahul Gandhi's visit to New Zealand Australia could happen in future.

"As you will know next few months we have state legislative elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattishgarh, followed by general elections early next year.

"This is going to be a crucial and very busy time for us.

"Therefore I could not promise the exact timing of a visit from Rahul Gandhi, however, I am hopeful that it would happen sometime soon," Mr Deora said.