Indian man Parminder Singh Jabbal has finally been repatriated back home on the late night of Wednesday, July 25, and would be reaching India on Thursday, July 26 at 3 p.m. local time. 

Mr Jabbal had died in a road accident in Bay of Plenty, on early morning Wednesday, July 11. 

With this, the family of Mr Jabbal will be able to have a final closure, which was prolonged due to a sensitive situation where Mr Jabbal’s pregnant partner here was initially seeking to keep his remains in the country. 

Speaking to the Indian Weekender Kharag Singh, a businessman and prominent face in the Punjabi community who has been coordinating with Mr Jabbal’s partner, and his family back in India and the New Zealand Police said, “I hope this could bring some closure to everyone in Mr Jabbal’s family.” 

Notably, a sensitive and a highly emotional situation prevailed when Mr Jabbal’s partner expressed her wish to keep him in the country – a situation only resolved by mediation by some community leaders, New Zealand Police and a compassionate understanding by Mr Jabbal’s partner.  

Mr Jabbal, 27, originally from Ludhiana, Punjab, was in a living relationship with Rotorua woman Saraiah Waerea and the couple was expecting their first child in two months time.

Mr Jabbal and Ms Waerea entered into a relationship at the beginning of 2017 and moved in together later before finding out in March this year that they were expecting their first child.

Mr Jabbal came from India three years ago on a student visa to study healthcare and had received his work visa just four months ago.

The unfortunate news of tragic death had been doubly torturous for both Ms Waerea and Mr Jabbal’s family back in India, with both seeking the right of performing last rites and keeping his remains.

Ms Waerea had earlier told the NZ Herald that she and Mr Jabbal's family in India did not agree about what to do with his remains.

However, this issue was resolved amicably through the efforts of community leaders and NZ Police (read the story here 

Meanwhile, Kharag Singh told the Indian Weekender, “We are thankful to everyone who has helped us in this unfortunate time and donated generously to support funeral and repatriation cost of Mr Jabbal.

“We will be going to Rotorua to meet Ms Waerea again in the near future and provide full support to her and the on the way baby.

Mr Singh refused to commit to any amount in particular however asserted that “it will be as decent as we collectively can.”

“I don’t have invoices from a funeral home in front of me right now, but I am confident we would be able to help Ms Waerea with at least $5000.

“It could be more if we are lucky and community can further assist,” Mr Singh said.