It was a day of excitement and joy for seniors of Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust as they ventured along with their friends to watch one the most controversial Bollywood films, Padmaavat.

The special screening was organised for the seniors of the trust at Event Cinemas, St Lukes, on Wednesday, February 7, at 11 a.m. The enthusiasm amongst the seniors was evident when they settled down at the cinema with their friends and snacks, waiting for the film to start.

“It is an opportunity for our seniors to come together and see the film with the fellow mates which is like a fun picnic for them,” Chairperson of Shanti Niwas, Ashok Gaur told The Indian Weekender.

The special screening was done with the support of Forum Films, who brought the film to New Zealand.

Shanti Niwas had booked the whole cinema with more than 200 senior members attending.

“The seniors are very eager to see the film which has created raves in the industry and is admired for its music, star cast, and amazing cinematography,” Nilima Venkat, head of Shanti Niwas said.

The Indian Weekender spoke to the seniors seated inside the theatre who had their own reasons to see the film. Some acknowledged that they wanted to see the film with their fellow senior members only, while some said they were curious to know the film’s highlight and buzz in the media for so long.

“I am very excited to see Padmaavat because my daughter saw it earlier and praised about everything in the film. Also, I like Deepika Padukone and know the star cast is very strong,” Andrea Costa, a senior member at the screening said.

“I am looking forward to seeing the film because I saw the trailer, the songs and I have been wanting to see what this magnum opus has to offer,” senior member Harban Singh added.

After the film screening, the senior audience came out of the theatre applauding the film’s script, music, direction and acting of the star cast.

“The best film I have seen in years,” a senior member said after seeing the film.

Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust is a trust looking after the interests of the senior members of the community by hosting several events and activities and helping them in need.